Our Mission

The Living Stones mission is to provide food and services, without charge or discrimination, to help increasingly at-risk, vulnerable individuals and families in Pittsburgh’s South Hills. We do this by:

  • Serving neighborhood meals, during which we build relationships that enable us to work together to identify and help meet common challenges in the neighbors’ lives
  • Connecting those in need with existing and accessible means of support and, when none exist, developing Christ-centered programs and services that target the most common needs and strengthen communities.

Our Vision

To see individuals and families find hope in Christ as they learn to trust in Him and come to know Him personally through the programs and services we offer and the people who provide them.

Our Values

  • We value personal relationships, therefore we are committed to developing deep relationships with those we serve.
  • We value the necessity of helping without hurting, therefore we are committed to discerning ways in which we can support and empower members of the community to fulfill their calling and encourage development.
  • We value partnerships and shared ministry, therefore we are committed to connecting with other organizations, institutions, and individuals, who together will better help promote the mission.
  • We value the proclamation of the gospel and recognize that it is essential to the success of the ministry, therefore we are committed to sharing the gospel in word and deed in order that men and women will confess Jesus as Lord and Savior.