Donate to Living Stones

If you’d like to donate to Living Stones, you can use the QR codes or link below to donate online. If you would like to donate by check you can do so by:

  1. Make a check payable to “Living Stones”
  2. Mail your check to P.O. Box 13077/ Pittsburgh, PA 15243

All contributions are gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible

Appreciated Asset Donations

Have you ever thought about a different way of donating to charitable organizations like Living Stones?  Did you know that by donating highly appreciated assets, such as stocks, you might be able to help reduce or even avoid paying capital gains taxes?  Such a decision could enhance the value of your gift while also increasing your tax savings.  Living Stones is a qualified tax-exempt organization that has been organized in the United States and meets all required criteria.

Giving strategically can benefit both you and Living Stones.  A properly planned gift might enable you to realign your investment portfolio, help diversify your holdings, and increase your cash flow, all while helping you leave a greater legacy. Whatever gifting method you choose, planned giving can be rewarding.  It’s extremely gratifying to see your gift at work, and receiving tax benefits is a definite bonus.  If this is something you might be interested in considering, please contact Living Stones at