Stormie Parson, Executive Director

Stormie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Allegheny College, where she also pursued a minor in Religious Studies. Throughout her academic pursuits, she focused on analyzing institutions, poverty policy, and various social justice matters. Stormie’s unwavering passion lies in advocating for community justice and serving others. She has actively engaged in serving Pittsburgh’s Hill Top communities and the neighborhoods adjacent to Fairhaven United Methodist Church, where she assumes the role of community outreach chair. Stormie always aimed to apply her education towards grassroots nonprofit initiatives, driven by her sincere desire to make a meaningful impact.

Board of Directors

Shirley McElhattan, Board Chairman
Doctor of internal medicine

Julie Livingston,
Past Executive
Director + Founder

Steve Stombaugh, Board Treasurer
Property tax manager and real estate analyst

Micki Cantine,
Board Member
Municipal Contact

Lynn Bell,
Board Member
Past Living Stones Secretary and corporate communicator

Rocco D’Angelo,
Board Member

Certified Public Accountant