As Christ’s living stones, bound together in faith, we share His love by feeding those in need. (see 1 Peter 2:4-8)

Living Stones has provided thousands of meals to hundreds of people, thanks to institutions and businesses that have donated their extra food; to individuals and groups who have funded the purchase of supplies and equipment; to the many volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make it all happen; and to our conviction that this is God’s ministry, and His work, done in His way, will never lack His supply.

While Living Stones is, always has been and always will be a meal ministry, we also focus on building relationships through which we can identify and address additional needs in the lives of those we serve. Based on information we gather from questionnaires and purposeful conversations between our neighbors and volunteers who mingle with them, we develop programs and services that target those needs.

Based largely on neighbor feedback, we have expanded the scope of our programing to include a free clothing closet, free haircuts, crafts, pop-up events to distribute free coats, blankets, toiletries, and other necessities, and health fairs and screenings. We also hired a part-time Community Health Worker, who is a registered nurse, to assist neighbors with specific physical, social, and other challenges.

Living Stones is unique in that we serve hot, sit-down meals that offer fellowship, support, prayer, and encouragement. Those we serve are given more than food. Our free haircuts and clothing closet have given our neighbors renewed confidence and improved self-esteem, which have led to new jobs and social acceptance. Our underlying desire in all we do is to help without hurting.

Who is my neighbor? 
One’s neighbor is anyone in need … and anyone who shows mercy on that person in need. 
(See Luke 10:29 – 37)